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We are focused on advising early stage founders and teams that have passion and conviction about the power of software to disrupt and create business value.

Our Team

Hank Vigil
Hank VigilFounder
Managing Partner
Fritz Lanman
Fritz LanmanCofounder
Bob Svikhart
Bob SvikhartCIO
Chris W Strand
Chris W Strand, CPACFO
Leif Danielsen
Leif DanielsenPrincipal

Our Approach

We have a simple thesis which has deep implications: All industries and markets will continue to reinvent or disrupt along numerous technology vectors. As a rule, technology teams and new efforts will lead and capture the value of reinvention and disruption. In this sense, we believe the majority of value creation will come from insurgents at the expense of incumbents.

Given this view, we believe that the supply of talented, top notch, complete product teams will remain the scarce resource relative to the scope of objective market demand. Such teams are not exclusively technical and engineering talent, though this is a cornerstone. They also demonstrate the skills necessary to deliver product/market fit, understanding that building a successful business involves more than just design and code.

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